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Joseph Matriss Named VP of New Business Development

Posted by Tom Zerega on Jul 30, 2013
Tom Zerega

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Magnetic 3D Names Joseph Matriss Vice President of New Business Development

Proven Signage and Digital Out-of-Home Expert Joins Magnetic 3D

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 30, 2013

Magnetic 3D, the industry leader in autostereoscopic, “glasses-free” 3D displays and digital signage solutions, today announced the appointment of Joseph Matriss as the company’s vice president of new business development.

Having focused on the signage and out-of-home industries for nearly three decades, Matriss has an extensive track record. Much of his early success came while he was special projects manager for ArtKraft Strauss, a role in which he worked on such high-profile projects as the multi-million dollar LED financial ticker at the Morgan Stanley building in Times Square. Following his tenure with ArtKraft Strauss, he identified a manufacturing gap in the New York market, which propelled him into his new role as general manager of King Displays, the premier sign company for Broadway and its theaters. With King Displays, Matriss oversaw many notable projects, including a complete signage overhaul for Disney and its renowned musical The Lion King at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York City.

In 2000, Matriss founded and became a managing member of Victor Media, a position which he still currently holds. Providing media consulting services to the outdoor industry in New York City, Matriss led pioneering efforts in emerging digital out-of-home technologies and completed several major installations in Times Square. Matriss also founded Park Cast Network in 2008, creating a successful digital out-of-home media network comprised of digital displays across Manhattan and other major cities within the United States.

Joining Magnetic 3D as vice president of new business development, Matriss will use his well-established presence/reputation in the digital signage and out-of-home markets to benefit the company in a variety of ways. Specifically, he will play a significant role in new-client acquisitions and relationships, corporate partnerships, real-estate acquisitions, campaign deployments and location scouting.

“There are very few people that have more experience than Mr. Matriss within the signage and digital out-of-home industries. His exemplary track record spans decades and encompasses several companies that have prospered as a direct result of his dedication and ingenuity,” said Tom Zerega, founder and CEO of Magnetic 3D. “Joseph’s recent work with Park Cast, which includes campaigns for ESPN, has garnered much attention and is a perfect example of why he promises to be a great asset to Magnetic 3D.”

“I am very excited to be joining the Magnetic 3D team,” said Joseph Matriss. “Throughout my career, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience with signage in general, in addition to focusing exclusively on digital signage for many years. While I frequently pursue emerging technologies, I always make sure that new, unique solutions are beyond the concept phase and are truly ready for adoption before I begin to engage them. That being said, I feel that Magnetic 3D’s glasses-free 3D technology is absolutely ready for widespread adoption. Aided by my contacts and strategic relationships, I am certain that my new role with Magnetic 3D will result in a longstanding alliance that proves beneficial to all parties involved.”

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