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How to Make Your Digital Signage Installation Stand Out From the Crowd

Posted by Andy Gellis on Aug 6, 2018
Andy Gellis

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Your ads are creative.  They test well in market research. Yet, once they go live you have the sinking feeling that they blend into the oversaturated digital landscape.  Your message seems to get lost in the clutter. The primary challenge for marketers, ad agencies and brands - today and always - is to not only make their ads memorable to the consumer, but to make them stand out in the crowd. But it’s not just about the content,  Systems Integrators,  Pro AV Resellers and Dealers are also tasked with bringing innovative technology to the forefront of the conversation in order to help marketing agencies and their end clients connect with today’s active consumers, What we wouldn’t give for a sales and marketing technology that solves this dilemma.


In fact there is a technology that is gaining incredible momentum and scale. These days, glasses-free 3D displays deliver incredibly immersive content that will literally stops viewers in their tracks -  that’s right state-of the art 3D displays that don’t require any 3D glasses are available today for digital signage applications, and range from small 3D tablets to large format 100” monitors and they are better than ever before. The technology is like a combination of Augmented Reality and holographic displays like you’ve seen in the movies, but delivered as a fully integrated digital sign that can play stereoscopic 3D advertising and seamlessly work with most digital signage content management platforms.


The name of the game in advertising and marketing is creating content that demonstrates engagement and the analytics for 3D Digital Signage are conclusive. Glasses-free 3D signage delivers exponential engagement with all the benefits a client could ask including increased dwell time, elevated sales conversion and memorability on featured products.

glasses free 3d 


Consumers are first startled, then captivated by these displays, spending an unprecedented amount time watching 3D Ads and digital signage content.  Consumer testing indicates that glasses-free 3D advertising creates a more valuable impression with viewers engaging them for up to (+2000%) longer than a 2D digital display, while the 3D content generates elevated retention of the ad (+300%), and these benefits can ultimately convert to increased sales in retail or point of sale applications (+180%). With these stats just imagine how powerful your experiential marketing campaign could be.


Autosteroscopic 3D displays  come in all sizes including multi display 3D Video Walls for a variety of applications.  Whether choosing landscape or portrait formats, these signs can be utilized as premium, high-impact sales tools for prominent high-traffic areas where consumer engagement and interaction occurs. 


Creating eye-popping glasses free 3D content for no glasses 3D displays requires creative personnel familiar with popular 3D software platforms like Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max and Maya and some familiarity with stereo imaging or 3D monitors is a major plus.  Existing 2D and 3D assets can be converted to the “3D without glasses format”, or new 3D content can be created by either filming in 3D or working in a computer environment with 3D applications and compositing tools like After Effects. 


With more and more digital display options from LED technology to multi-screen video walls being deployed throughout retail, hospitality, malls, stadiums, and arenas, it’s a good time to invent and invest in a future proof, immersive technology and the content applications that set your company apart from the pack.   


Whether your goal is to create increase brand awareness, sell more product, connect with millennials, or simply feature new products and  promotions, the glasses-free 3D format truly delivers a fresh and futuristic solution that will help your digital signage installation stand out in the crowd.