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Glasses-Free 3D & Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Tom Zerega on May 9, 2023
Tom Zerega

Topics: Glasses-Free 3D, 3D Content, 3D Displays

Glasses-free 3D technology has come a long way since its inception. What started as a digital transformation from print media to CRT, plasma displays, and then LCD monitors has evolved from primarily an advertising use case into a technology platform with applications that provide utility across healthcare, engineering, aerospace, hospitality, entertainment and beyond. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), glasses-free 3D technology is poised to take yet another giant leap forward and believe it or not we’re not talking about ChatGPT (yet!).

Magnetic 3D, the world’s leading provider of glasses-free 3D displays and XR solutions, has been at the forefront of this technology for over 15 years. The Company started in digital signage as far back and 2004 and began working with parallax barrier monitors shortly thereafter. Following several successful deployments “Magnetic Media” sold off its 2D networks and became “Magnetic 3D”, a Company exclusively focused on creating Glasses-Free 3D solutions for enterprise applications while transitioning from antiquated barrier technology to precision-engineered lenticular optics.

Today’s glasses-free 3D displays are extremely advanced from their predecessors with powerful and proprietary embedded electronics that combine not just 2 views of content, but can handle multiple views or video streams to create 3D effects that can be viewed without glasses.  These systems provide viewers with motion parallax also known as the “look-around” effect and real depth perception.

Not only does the tech provide depth, but the system allows content to pop off the display which is not possible with other pseudo 3D methods like anamorphic 3D billboards, or “holographic” fans which are just 2D systems meant to trick the eye for a fleeting moment in a fixed position or under special lighting conditions. Glasses-Free 3D displays provide real depth, and the tech is like a swiss army knife that can simulate holograms or holographic effects, produce a Pepper’s Ghost alternative, stream 2D or 3D video in multiple formats, and allows for real-time interactive volumetric applications thanks to game engines like Unity and Unreal.

To take this innovative platform a step further, Magnetic 3D is integrating AI with Glasses-free 3D to make the experience adaptive, more accurate, and more immersive than ever-before.

One way that Magnetic 3D is using AI is by improving the viewing experience. As a result of Machine Learning, Magnetic 3D’s Emersa Series monitors are able to track the viewer's eye position and adjust the 3D effect in real-time for single viewer applications. This means that viewers can shift their position while working in 3D and maintain a perfect 3D effect as if they were wearing 3D glasses or a VR headset. By finding the position of the viewers eyes, the system can also create more pop and more depth so the image comes off the display almost up to the viewer’s nose!


For entertainment and immersive design - the uses cases and benefits are many. And the utility extends beyond these areas alone by enabling next-generation heads-up surgical applications, improvements to 3D medical devices, advanced visualization capabilities for geospatial, and viewing systems for 3D remote operated vehicles and robotics where depth perception is mission critical for decision making. Not only is the technology improving the user experience to make working in 3D more comfortable, accurate and brighter than glasses-based options, but outcomes are improved dramatically as well.

Another way Magnetic 3D is using AI is by going interactive with a focus on education. The Company’s Emersa Series product line which started as an eye-tracking desktop monitor will advance to include many different products including a version with a stylus for interacting with 3D content in mid-air. Educators will be able to leverage XR/AR and VR workflows in platforms such as Eon Reality, Unity 3D or Unreal Engine to create simulation and training scenarios or interactive models that are fully dimensional but no longer require wearing the glasses or a headset. Science Fiction is truly becoming a reality with these latest advancements and students are poised to benefit from these extremely engaging immersive learning applications.

The integration of AI into glasses-free 3D technology is transformative and has the potential to revolutionize many industries. From Generative Artwork to Virtual Production, the combination of AI powered techniques and Glasses-Free 3D are only going to collide further and become more closely intertwined accelerating the use of 3D systems without glasses and holographic displays on a massive scale.

If you're interested in learning more about glasses-free 3D technology and the intersection with AI, be sure to check out Magnetic 3D's website where the Company's recently launched Creator Tools for Unity are available with a free trial. Learn how to create interactive 3D experiences in just ten minutes by watching the tutorial here, and stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter here.

In conclusion, glasses-free 3D technology is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. With the help of artificial intelligence, 3D is poised to become integrated into countless applications that provide practical and measurable benefits for users and consumers alike. Magnetic 3D is at the forefront of this revolution with innovative solutions ranging from tablets to video walls and will be bringing AI and 3D together with a number of new and exciting products launching this year. As AI continues to advance, we can expect to see Glasses-Free 3D rise as well with the advent of new capabilities, greater usability and more advanced glasses-free 3D displays.

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About Magnetic 3D:

Headquartered in New York City, Magnetic 3D enables greater access to the world’s 3D content and the metaverse with an industry-leading, end-to-end product line of Glasses-Free 3D (autostereoscopic) solutions ranging from 3D mobile devices and desktop monitors to 100” 3D Displays in Landscape and Portrait format, as well as 3D Video Walls up to 275”.

The Company’s proprietary platform of modified LCD displays features a precision engineered, optically-bonded 3D lens and custom electronics which enable 3D video capabilities without the need for 3D Glasses or VR/AR headgear. The visual experience provides audiences with captivating off-screen “pop”, akin to holographic effects depicted in science fictions films, and the immersive perception of depth on what would otherwise be a flat display.

Magnetic 3D provides the highest-quality Glasses-Free 3D visual experience for B2B applications across verticals such as retail, digital signage, gaming, digital-out-of-home advertising, Pro AV, Smart City, IOT, hospitality, movie theaters, casinos, hotels and entertainment venues. The Company also provides visualization solutions and consulting services for aerospace, medical and defense applications where depth perception is required.  The company is actively adding NFT integration and creator tools to enable next-generation visual artwork for B2B and B2C applications.