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Five Reasons to Deploy Glasses-Free 3D in the QSR Market

Posted by Andy Gellis on Jun 25, 2019
Andy Gellis

Topics: Glasses-Free 3D, Digital Signage, QSR

Consumer trends are forcing Quick Service Restaurants to embrace the era of digital transformation to meet customer expectations, one-up competitors and maximize profits. Using Digital Signage as a solution to efficiently communicate key information at the point of sale has become a centerpiece for the movement that intends to elevate the customer dining experience. It’s the endgame for those looking to embrace the future.

Restaurant owners and franchisees are faced with trying to outspend their rivals who have earmarked billions to overhaul their locations. With every company adopting digital signage and eye-catching display solutions, its easy to jump on the band wagon. However, it’s important to realize the goal of that signage is to sell more product and keep customers engaged. Otherwise, its just an exercise in futility (or really expensive digital wall paper).




3D Digital Signage is a cutting edge solution that can capture anyone’s attention instantly (no glasses needed) and can be utilized to lure customers into your store. One 3D monitor strategically placed can be more effective than several 2D displays and with a captive audience you have the ability to communicate the specials of the month, specific high-margin offerings, or important brand attributes either through the window or at the counter itself. QSR’s can use one or two 3D displays to economically and effectively highlight critical information in 3D space. 3D helps speed up customer decision making while enhancing the in- store experience to encourage repeat visits or increased consumption (it all looks better in 3D).

Immersive digital signage using 3D displays and 3D digital signage solutions are the future for Professional AV installations especially when the technology is future proof and can play 2D or 3D seamlessly for a one of kind experience.




Worried about content creation? 3D content is today’s new norm even if its only shown in 2D most of the time. You can start originating your new video ads in 3D with high quality models and animation for a relatively small upcharge compared to 2D alone. If the marketing department is light on 3D assets, existing 2D graphics and video content can be converted to or adapted for 3D viewing to get the ball rolling. Virtual reality and augmented reality are great in concept, but much more complicated to deploy and manage than the prospect of developing content for glasses-free 3D displays. Not only is it easier to produce, but the audience loves the experience because they are free from ever having to wear 3D glasses or headgear – and free from the headaches too! 

Using glasses free-3D displays can benefit you in at least five important ways:

  1. 3D displays allow you to stand out as an innovator with unique and eye- popping differentiation - 2D displays are old news, people have them at home and in their pocket. You have to be visually “louder” to connect.
  2. 3D content provides a more effective way to present your product – it's exciting, entertaining, and experiential.
  3. 3D monitors will help you significantly increase your sales and maximize profits by using 3D content to feature high margin items.
  4. 3D without glasses elevates brand perception while delivering greater efficiency and quicker customer decision making.
  5. 3D helps to reduce the perception of wait time for order processing.

The time to embrace the future is now. Bring powerful cinematic visual effects to the counter to positively influence consumer purchase decisions, elevate customer experience and see your sales grow. 3D is here and within your reach – adopt a platform you can control which can scale from one location to thousands with ease.